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Schleich 14813 Wild life - Zebra foal

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Schleich - Wild life - Zebra foal

Zebra foals can run just 20 minutes after birth.

Zebra foals can run with the herd just 20 minutes after birth. In the first days, however, the mare stays very close to her foal, so that it can acquaint itself with her scent, appearance, and voice. Zebra foals don’t just have a mane on their neck. Its continues along their entire back, up to their tail.

Fun fact:
  • At birth, zebra foals don’t have black, but brown stripes.
Scientific facts:
  • Scientific name:Equus quagga
  • Global home:Africa, Asia
  • Conservation status:Near threatened
  • Primary habitat:Savanna

More Information:

1 x Schleich - Wild life - Zebra foal

Warning!!! According To the EU Toy Safety Directive

  • Not suitable for childern under 3 years of age due to the danger of suffocation caused by small parts

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