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About us

Toysworld was founded 25 Years ago.

At this time we were one of the first companies to provide toys in a large-area market.
Our portfolio includes all brands such as the major brands e.g. Playmobil and Lego.
You will also find trend articles as well as toys that you can not purchase in regular toy stores.
Our service was, and will always be written in CAPITAL LETTERS!
Our staff are always keen to familiarize themselves with the latest trends, to be able to advise you with specialist knowledge.
The 25 Years experience of our buyers, and selling team give us the opportunity to offer you a service that would be expected from a specialist shop!


After watching the market continuously growing, in 2004 the next step was taken.
Toys World started selling on eBay to keep up with the demands of the rapidly growing Internet market. Quickly more platforms where added.
Even in our online business, we were able to continue the success of the company.
Our customers feel safe with us, with the combination of fast delivery and the specialist advice from our trained staff, the boundaries between stationary stores and online shopping had dissapeared.

Thus creating "The best of both worlds!"